The Vastu Shankha Yantra is a divine gift by the great Himalayan Saint Swami Murghanandji. It is a conch shell filled with metallic substances that helps you to convert your living and working areas in such a way that the inhabitants in these premises enjoy good health, wealth and prosperity. It creates positive energy and corrects vastu without any kind of demolition or changes. The Yantra comes in different powers and prices.

Across the globe, the use of Vastu Shankha Yantra to correct Vastu without demolition is gaining momentum. The Shankha Yantras have metallic substances in them that remove any form of negative energy, spells or black magic from your home or office.

The four Vastu Shankha Yantras are- White Shankha Yantra, Orange Shankha Yantra, Silver Shankha Yantra and Gold Shankha Yantra.It is not any magic. The placement of these Yantras in the correct direction and location strikes a balance and creates rhythm in the environment of the residential or commercial structure.

Based on the area, shape or size of the house, office, factory or plot we suggest Vastu Shankha Yantra that will give you miraculous result.

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